Custom Research

Our custom research services cater to the unique challenges and needs of the clients, whether it is a global or a regional or a country study.

  • With our existing team capabilities and research expertise we are in a leading position to provide accurate and tactically astute data to our esteemed clients
  • Our tailor-made studies offer quick industry scan along with in-depth competitive intelligence.
  • Unlike syndicated research, which involves pre-packaged reports available to multiple clients, we conduct custom market research on a project-by-project basis and is designed to provide in-depth insights into specific business challenges or opportunities.

Here are the key features and steps involved in the process of Custom Research

  • Project Scoping

    The first step is to understand the client’s objectives and requirements. Our research team works closely with the client to define the scope and objectives of the study, including the target market, industry, product, or service to be analyzed.

  • Research Design

    Based on the project scope, our research team develops a customized research design and methodology. Which involves a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, data analysis, and desk research.

  • Data Collection

    Our research team collects data from various sources, both primary and secondary, as per the defined research design. Primary data is gathered through surveys, interviews, or other direct interactions with the target audience, while secondary data involves the analysis of existing data and information from various sources.

  • Data Analysis

    Once the data is collected, it is analyzed using appropriate statistical and analytical techniques. The goal is to derive meaningful insights and trends that address the client’s specific research objectives.

  • Report Preparation

    Our research findings and analysis are compiled into a comprehensive report. The report includes detailed insights, charts, graphs, and recommendations tailored to the client’s needs

  • Client Engagement

    Our research team engages with the client to present the findings and discuss the implications for their business. This allows the client to ask questions, seek clarifications, and gain a deeper understanding of the research results.

  • Confidentiality and Exclusivity

    Custom market research projects are often treated with confidentiality, and the findings may be exclusive to the client, ensuring that the research provides a competitive advantage.

  • Iterative Process

    In some cases, the research process may be iterative, with multiple rounds of data collection and analysis, especially when complex or evolving research questions are involved.

Our custom research services allow our client/organization to obtain highly relevant and specific insights that directly address their business needs. It provides a more tailored and actionable approach compared to syndicated research, which may not address the specific questions or challenges faced by individual clients.