Air Ambulance Service Market

Air Ambulance Service Market - Global Industry, Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2023-2030

Air medical services are the use of aircraft including both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters to provide various kinds of medical services especially prehospital, emergency, and critical care to patients during aeromedical evacuation and rescue operations. During World War I, air transport was used to provide medical evacuation- either from frontline areas or the battlefield itself. Fixed-wing military air ambulances came into regular use during World War II. An air ambulance is a specially outfitted helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft that transports injured or sick people in a medical emergency or over distance terrain impractical for a conventional ground ambulance. Fixed-wing aircraft are also more often used to move patients over long distances and for repatriation from foreign countries. These and related operations are called aeromedical. In some circumstances, aircraft may be used to search for missing or wanted people. Air ambulances are equipped with medical equipment vital to monitoring and treating injured or ill patients. Common equipment for air ambulances includes medications, ventilators, ECGs, and monitoring units, CPR equipment, and stretchers. A medically staffed and equipped air ambulance provides medical care in flight while a non-medically equipped and staffed aircraft simply transports patients without care in flight. Air traffic control grants special treatment to air ambulance operations, much like a ground ambulance using lights and a siren, only when they are actively operating with a patient. When this happens, air ambulance aircraft take the call sign MEDEVAC and receive priority handling in the air and on the ground.

Air medical services can travel faster and operate in a wider coverage area than a land ambulance. Providing rapid and specialized medical transportation for patients in need. With advanced medical equipment, highly trained staff, and the ability to reach remote areas, they ensure that patients receive timely and quality care.

Global Air Ambulance Service Market – Competitive Market

On July 13, 2023, Wynnchurch Capital L.P. a leading middle market private equity firm, announced that it sold its investment in Carson Air as a part of the acquisition of the company by exchange income corporation. On May 12, 2023, Ascent Helicopters was awarded a contract worth USD 544.4 million for six new air ambulances ordered for emergency health services. On October 6, 2022, Five Saskatchewan Crown Corporation committed a combined total of USD 10 million over five years to help STARS air ambulance service in the province.

Some of the Key Players in the Global Air Ambulance Service Market Include –

  • Express Air Medical Transport
  • PHI Air Medical
  • Air Ambulance Specialists
  • Lifeguard Air Ambulance
  • Native American Air Ambulance
  • Metro Aviation Inc.
  • REVA Air Ambulance
  • EAA
  • The Royal Flying Doctor Service

Global Air Ambulance Service Market – Growth Drivers

The rising demand for timely and specialized medical transportation for critically ill or injured patients is a significant driver for the global air ambulance service market. Air ambulances offer rapid response and transportation to access advanced medical facilities. In remote or geographically challenging areas, where access to medical facilities is limited, air ambulance services become essential for swift patient transport, saving lives in emergencies. The availability of insurance coverage for air ambulance services, in both developed and developing regions, makes these services more accessible to a broader population. advanced medical technology and treatments have increased the need for rapid inter-facility transfers, where air ambulances play a crucial role in ensuring that patients receive timely and appropriate care. The high incidence of road traffic accidents and other emergencies necessitates quick patient transportation. Air ambulances are often the fastest means to reach accident sites and transport patients to healthcare facilities.

Global Air Ambulance Service Market – Restraints

Air ambulance services can be expensive, and not all individuals or regions can afford the high costs associated with emergency medical transportation, leading to disparities in access to these services. Compliance with complex aviation and healthcare regulations, including licensing, maintenance, and safety standards can be a challenge for air ambulance operators, potentially limiting their ability to expand or maintain services. Safety issues and accidents related to air ambulance operations, including adverse weather conditions, aviation incidents, and human errors can negatively impact public trust and the industry’s reputation. The availability of limited insurance coverage for air ambulance services can be a restraint, as it may not fully cover the costs, leaving patients with significant out-of-pocket expenses. Economic downturns can lead to reduced healthcare budgets and spending affecting the financial sustainability of air ambulance services. Limited public awareness about the availability and benefits of air ambulance services can lead to underutilization, even in situations where rapid medical transportation is essential.

Global Air Ambulance Service Market – Opportunities

There is an opportunity for air ambulance service providers to expand their coverage areas, especially in underserved regions and emerging global air ambulance service markets where access to advanced healthcare facilities is limited. Investment in modern aircraft and medical equipment can improve patient outcomes, reduce transportation times, and enhance the safety and efficiency of air ambulance services. The growth of medical tourism offers opportunities for air ambulance services to cater to international patients in need of specialized medical care, further expanding their client base.

Global Air Ambulance Service Market – Geographical Insight

The market for global air ambulance service is segmented into regions such as North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East & Africa. The largest market for air ambulance service in North America due to the presence of a developed healthcare system, a vast geography, and a high incidence of medical emergencies contribute to the growth of the global air ambulance service market. The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing growth in air ambulance services, particularly in countries with expanding healthcare infrastructure and medical tourism, such as India, and Thailand. European countries, such as the UK, Germany, and France have a strong air ambulance sector.

Global Air Ambulance Service Market – Key Development

  • On June 23, 2023, a significant collaboration between ADAC Luftrettung and Volocopter for the development of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft for rescue services and from 2024 electric vertical take-off aircraft to improve emergency medical assistance.
  • On April 28, 2023, a Hyderabad-based medical emergency response platform expanded its offering to launch air ambulance services called ‘Red Air Guardian’.
  • On April 20, 2022, Jakarta-based charter flights company Whitesky Aviation launched air taxi (Helicity) and air ambulance (Heli medivac) services connecting Cengkareng of Tangerang and Cilegon, Banten Province.
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Air Ambulance Service Market


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