Hyperpigmentation Disorder Treatment Market to Reach US$ 8,171.2 Million by 2030, Driven by Rising Prevalence of Skin Disorders and Awareness of Skin Rejuvenation

Hyperpigmentation stands as a common skin condition that is generally harmless, characterized by areas of the skin appearing darker compared to the surrounding skin. This phenomenon arises due to an overproduction of melanin pigment by specific skin cells. Signs of hyperpigmentation encompass freckles, age spots, or patches of noticeably darker skin. Various factors contribute to this condition, including skin injuries, inflammation, UV damage, abnormal skin growth, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, and other medical conditions. Some medications, notably certain anticancer drugs, can also initiate hyperpigmentation.

The global hyperpigmentation disorder treatment market was valued at US$ 4,238.4 Million in 2022 and is anticipated to reach US$ 8,171.2 Million by the end of 2030 with a CAGR of 8.6% from 2023 to 2030.

Numerous treatment avenues, either used individually or in combination, have undergone study for addressing hyperpigmentation, with melasma and vitiligo being the prominent conditions. Melasma, influenced by estrogen levels, genetic predisposition, and phototoxic medications, can lead to skin discoloration. While generally not harmful, these conditions can cause significant aesthetic concerns. Treatment options encompass topical medications, chemical peels, light or laser therapy, cryotherapy, or a blend of these methods to tackle the root cause. Advances in histological and immunohistochemical research have deepened our understanding of melasma’s origins. Noteworthy therapeutic options comprise topical applications like hydroquinone (HQ), retinoic acid (RA), corticosteroids (in a triple combination), and glycolic acid (GA) (in a double combination).

The foreseeable future anticipates growth in the hyperpigmentation disorder therapy market. This upsurge is fueled by escalated research and development investments in advanced technologies, coupled with reduced societal stigma linked to pigmentation issues. Additionally, heightened awareness about skin rejuvenation and available treatments, alongside an increasing incidence of hyperpigmentation-related disorders, is projected to propel global market expansion.

Global Hyperpigmentation Disorder Treatment Market Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Global Hyperpigmentation Disorder Treatment Market was negative. As we can see from the past few months, the majority of sectors in the world have experienced unfavorable effects. This can be ascribed to the enormous disruptions that various precautionary lockdowns and other limitations that were imposed by governing agencies around the world caused in their respective production and supply-chain operations. The same is true for the global market for treatments for hyperpigmentation disorders. Also, consumer demand has now decreased as people have been more intent on cutting down non-essential expenses from their budgets as the general economic condition of the majority of people has been adversely impacted by this outbreak. During the forecast period, the aforementioned factors are anticipated to hurt the revenue trajectory of the world market for treating hyperpigmentation disorders.

However, when individual regulating bodies start to lift these imposed lockdowns, the global market for the treatment of hyperpigmentation disorders is anticipated to rebound in line with this.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the market for treating pigmentation disorders has been impacted. Hamilton wanted to evaluate the impact of the pandemic. Fraser Cosmetic Insurance surveyed 1,360 UK cosmetic specialists. The poll found that 99.78% of respondents and their professions were affected by the epidemic. In the COVID-19 pandemic, patients must be triaged to avoid needless hospitalization for minor injuries and other ailments. It’s a good idea to hold off on calling patients in for standard check-ups and minor issues. The hospital must nonetheless make sure the patients receive top-notch care even while non-urgent clinical and surgical procedures must be postponed until the situation improves.

Because the bulk of cosmetic procedures might be categorized as non-essential, the market undergoing investigation has been significantly influenced.

Hyperpigmentation Disorder Treatment Market

Increasing Prevalence of skin disorders, increasing awareness regarding skin rejuvenation, increasing expenditure on dermatological treatments, increased R & D expenditure, to boost Global Hyperpigmentation Disorder Treatment Market

The causes that have led to the expansion of the worldwide market for treatments of pigmentation disorders include an increase in the prevalence of hyperpigmentation disorders, awareness regarding of skin rejuvenation, an increase in the price of dermatological treatments, and an increase in R&D spending.

Hyperpigmentary diseases are the third and fourth most common dermatoses among Blacks and Latinos, respectively. Thus, it is projected that the market will expand as a result of the increasing prevalence of hyperpigmentation diseases. The market is also growing as a result of more products being released on the market. For example, PCA SKIN increased the number of professional peels it offered by redesigning two of its most popular chemical peels and introducing a 3rd chemical peel that can only be obtained via doctors.

The topical application of corticosteroids is one of the finest treatment options for pigmentation problems (TC). Among the most commonly used corticosteroids are fluticasone propionate, hydrocortisone butyrate, & and betamethasone valerate. The vitiligo symptoms could be effectively reversed with the topical Ruxolitinib cream. A viable, non-invasive therapy alternative for hand tremors may become more widely available as these treatments develop. As an outcome of all these market trends, it is projected that the category would have enormous potential opportunities.

Expanding investments in R&D by top companies and the introduction of new products are driving the market’s expansion, and these developments are anticipated to boost the market’s overall revenue throughout the projected period.

North America to spearhead the Global Hyperpigmentation Disorder Treatment Market.

Because of the rising prevalence of pigmentation disorders, North America controls the global market for treatments. Also, North America has a developed healthcare system and significant market participants that provide patients with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation excellent treatment choices. During the forecast period, the market is anticipated to be driven by an increase in R&D for clinical trials and medication development.

  • Well-funded organizations: Major market players are investing in healthcare to develop better technologies for treatment.
  • Increasing occurrence of hyperpigmentation disorders: The rising frequency of pigmentation disorders and the rising cost of dermatological treatments are two factors that have contributed to the expansion of the global market for treatments of pigmentation disorders.
  • Favorable Regulatory Environment: The regulatory climate in North America is improving, making it easier to create and market hyperpigmentation disorder treatment. Pharmaceutical businesses are finding it simpler to launch new drugs & and technologies since regulatory agencies are creating clearer policies and procedures for the clearance of these therapies.
  • Healthcare Infrastructure: Well-established good infrastructure is very important for the treatment and for providing good care to the patient.

Competitive Insights

Some of the key players operating in the market are Bayer AG, RXi Pharmaceuticals, ALLERGAN, Galderma laboratories, SkinCeuticals International, PIERRE FABRE GROUP, EpiPharm AG, Obagi Cosmeceuticals LLC., VIVIERPHARMA, Candela Corporation, L’Oréal S.A., Aerolase Corporation, Lumenis Be Ltd, and Other Prominent Players. Companies operating in the Global Hyperpigmentation Disorder Treatment Market have adopted several growth strategies to expand their market share and increase their revenue.

  • Product approval and agreement: Companies are collaborating to exchange resources and expertise to hasten the creation of a new transplant drug monitoring assay. Through these partnerships, firms are better able to utilize one another’s skills and create new therapies.
  • Acquisition & merges: Acquisition and mergers are among the key strategies used by the key market players to expand their product portfolio.
  • Contractual agreements: Contractual agreements a legally binding between two parties regarding offer acceptance, mutual consent, competence & and legal purpose before investing in certain segments of the market and the companies are making these agreements to grow their business.
  • Ease in product manufacturing and distribution: To develop new hyperpigmentation disorder treatments and improve already existing ones, businesses are spending on R&D. To broaden their product offerings and gain a competitive advantage, several companies are launching new items on the market.
  • Geographical Expansion: Companies are expanding their reach by opening operations in new markets and markets with promising growth prospects. As a result, companies can attract new customers and increase revenue.
  • New Product launch: Companies can obtain new technology by making purchases or joining forces with other companies and help in launching the new products.
  • Increased Investment in R & D: The companies are investing more & more in Research & development activities to develop advanced technologies for treatment.

Businesses can acquire new technology by making purchases or collaborating with other businesses and companies.


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